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Business and Corporation

Rossiter System Workouts (RSW) are specialized Rossiter techniques applied to corporations and factories. The main purpose of RSW is getting work related pain out of the workforce. RSW has a proven track record in lowering workman’s comp. claims anywhere from 40% to 60%.

We believe proof is in the pudding as one would say. Let us come to your workplace, two or three days a week, four to five hours each day, and apply the Rossiter System Workouts solutions to your workforce regarding their pain and limited range of motion. We promise great results, improve performance, greater safety awareness, improved moral, and less absenteeism.

“I used to be on medication for bursitis but I have not taken any since I started Rossiter (workouts). There were some days that my right shoulder hurt to even move it, but that has not happened since I started coming to the Rossiter program.”
D.H., Food Factory Worker
“It was hard for me to believe that just weight and stretching could cure all my aches and pains, but it has. Since I have been involved in the Rossiter program, I can do my normal job without wincing or even complaining about pain. I really believe that this is a great program and that it should be introduced to all factories!”
B.P., Factory Worker


We are your specialists when it comes to pain prevention and pain reduction. Let us prove ourselves, all you have to lose is pain in your workforce.

After we have proven ourselves, then we can talk about tracking and monitoring your workforce through time tested matrixes using an iPad app. This app has an amazing dashboard of statistics and graphs that are tailored for management, enabling management to see the value of the Rossiter System Workouts program.

Health Professionals

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, dentist, or other health practitioner working with your patients, your work does tax your body. And if you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of your patients? You should have a better understanding of the human body and of the connective tissue. The Rossiter Workout should make sense, movement under compression equals more space in your body and therefore…. less pain.

The Rossiter System Workout is the state of the art holistic approach to pain relief without drugs, shots, or surgery. It’s time to broaden your thinking and claim your solution to pain relief.

“…. For the first time in three and a half years, we have absolutely no personnel away from work on a work-injury leave of absence…I know Rossiter Wellness has had a positive impact on the overall improvement.”
Debra H, Benefits Manager
“For 20-plus years, I’ve been using my hands and arms to change tissue, and I often describe it as the equivalent of building roads with a garden trowel and a hand shovel. Now, with The Rossiter System techniques, I feel like I have a bulldozer. There’s always a place for a hand shovel, but not when you’re moving the first 15 feet of dirt. I can accomplish in 5 minutes with the Rossiter System what it takes me weeks of sessions to accomplish with my hands.”
Roberta Eichmann



The main purpose of the Rossiter workout for athletes is to prepare, rejuvenate and optimize their performance levels. This helps to alleviate stress and fatigue, making the person fully fit for the event.

Flexibility of muscles is a must for all sports personalities and it is best assured with this workout. It is also good for people to recover from injuries or restricted muscle movements.

John adheres to all the procedures that are to be strictly followed in the process of the workout. He examines the person completely to understand if any specific region of his/her body needs to be focused on for the Rossiter workout. He takes the responsibility of ensuring the fitness of the person to perform actively in all sports activities.

“I had carpal tunnel syndrome and was wearing a cast 24 hours a day. My doctor was ready to start injections and then maybe surgery. These (stretches) completely cured my problem with no medical treatment needed.”
Amazon.com Review
“I couldn’t sleep and was having trouble writing from pain in my left elbow. Now I can extend my arm quite a bit father than I could before. I was able to do batting practice this week without pain, and I don’t have the pain at night that I had before.”
C.S., Factory Scheduler and Recreational Athlete
“I have Achilles tendonitis which makes it painful to walk. I was introduced to the Rossiter System at the AFCA convention. In less than 30 seconds my Achilles was much better and the pain was gone. These are the most effective stretching techniques I’ve ever seen.”
Coach Phil Hayford, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Shorecrest Prep School


Everyday Folks

Are you tired of your hectic lifestyle? So will be your body too! Extreme physical activities can strain your muscles, joints and connective tissue. The affected muscles may cause persistent pain, developing stress on the muscle fibers. Various Rossiter techniques are involved to mitigate this condition.

There is something called trigger points; these are hyperirritable spots located in a tight band of skeletal muscles. They are typical pain points that might even accompany chronic musculoskeletal ailments due to extreme physical activity. The affected muscles may cause persistent pain, developing stress on the muscle fibers.

Trigger point treatment comprises of many techniques to treat the painful trigger points of the body. The severity of the pain determines the number of treatment sessions required to treat the condition.

Trigger point therapy is one such therapy to manage pain because of extreme physical activity. There are also various other treatments to get rid of pain due to extreme physical activities.

“We are very experienced in treating pain as an outcome of severe physical activity by choosing the right type of Rossiter System Technique. Workout sessions are planned according to the restrictions of the connective tissue and this is done by combining deep manual weight with stretching to relax the strained area of pain.”

“I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, and my doctor wanted to schedule surgery on both arms. I would wake up in the middle of the night and my arms would feel like they were burning and swollen. We started doing the stretches 2-3 times a week, and now we do them as a tune-up about every 2-3 weeks. They work so well. I got my mobility back. I’m pain-free. These stretches have given me my life back.”
Jane W., Retail Clerk, Vancouver, Wash.
“I had carpal tunnel syndrome and was wearing a cast 24 hours a day. My doctor was ready to start injections and then maybe surgery. These (stretches) completely cured my problem with no medical treatment needed.”
Amazon.com Review


Events and Workshops

John specializes in restoring mobility and he is an expert in empowering individuals to get rid of their body pain. He specializes in Rossiter techniques and teaches Rossiter Unit 1-4, 16 CEU’s that are accredited by the CMA,  FHT, NASM, and NCBTMB.He also teaches mini workshops on upper, mid, and lower body pain releases (1.5 hr) John has taught at massage schools in Northern California, retreat centers, and also at AMTA-CA state conventions.

John believes in using more than one type of teaching; seeing, hearing, and feeling. John likes to use a PowerPoint presentation with embedded video. After you see and hear the work, John demonstrates the technique. Then each student pairs up and practices the technique as the coach and as the PIC (person in charge). As a seasoned instructor, John walks around the workshop and corrects the student’s technique. There is lots of review to hone in the learned skill set.

If time allows, John will bring in another outside person for the class to practice on. Class is broken into groups and each group will do an assessment on this person, strategize on what Rossiter techniques to use, do the work, and do a reassessment. This exercise will tie in all that they learned in this workshop.

“Great workshop, without the box thinking! I liked that you made this work your own and can still present the core material in a way that maintains the integrity of the work.”
“I am deeply grateful for John’s calm, patience, focused and empowering presence. As an instructor, there are no limits for his students, he made every effort to create a perfect learning experience and curriculum.”


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