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The main purpose of the Rossiter workout for athletes is to prepare, rejuvenate and optimize their performance levels. This helps to alleviate stress and fatigue, making the person fully fit for the event.

Flexibility of muscles is a must for all sports personalities and it is best assured with this workout. It is also good for people to recover from injuries or restricted muscle movements.

John adheres to all the procedures that are to be strictly followed in the process of the workout. He examines the person completely to understand if any specific region of his/her body needs to be focused on for the Rossiter workout. He takes the responsibility of ensuring the fitness of the person to perform actively in all sports activities.

“I had carpal tunnel syndrome and was wearing a cast 24 hours a day. My doctor was ready to start injections and then maybe surgery. These (stretches) completely cured my problem with no medical treatment needed.” Review
“I couldn’t sleep and was having trouble writing from pain in my left elbow. Now I can extend my arm quite a bit father than I could before. I was able to do batting practice this week without pain, and I don’t have the pain at night that I had before.”
C.S., Factory Scheduler and Recreational Athlete
“I have Achilles tendonitis which makes it painful to walk. I was introduced to the Rossiter System at the AFCA convention. In less than 30 seconds my Achilles was much better and the pain was gone. These are the most effective stretching techniques I’ve ever seen.”
Coach Phil Hayford, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Shorecrest Prep School
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