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Strategic Bodywork Solutions

The Rossiter Workout is an advance two person stretch that puts space back into the connective tissue. The techniques are very simple, the coach or practitioner place their foot onto the client or PIC, person in charge. Once the foot is applied to an area of pain or restriction, weight is given to that area until the PIC says stop. Then the coach asks for specific movement from the PIC. The stretch is done for 15 to 20 seconds and may be repeated in different areas.



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“Approximately 10% of our work force participates in the Rossiter program every week. We work with complaints of wrist, elbow, shoulder and back pain. Since the program inception, 17 employees who could have filed workers’ comp claims for overuse syndrome in their upper extremities did not because they obtained relief…through the Rossiter program…a savings of approximately $225,000.”

Doreen D, Health/Safety Coordinator, Production Plant

“I can’t say enough about the stretches. They work so well. I got my mobility back. I’m pain free. They have really given my life back. They make so my sense, when you think about it. There are so many other options besides cutting and drugging.”

Jane W, Retail Clerk

“For the first time in three-and-a-half years, we have absolutely no personnel away from work on a work-injury leave of absence….I know the Rossiter System has had a positive impact on the overall improvement.”

Debra H, Benefits Manager


Rossiter Workouts- Safe and Effective

I am pleased announce another life changing success story. I was introduced to a gentleman who had surgery in his shoulder 20 years ago. Because of this surgery and the scar tissue that developed there he had limited range of motion (ROM).


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